2017/2018 Executive Commitee

Bruce Hope is Chairman of MNZCC, and has held that position since July 2017. Previously he held positions of vice chair, committee member and ordinary member of the chamber since 2013. In and around Malaysia since 2003, Bruce has a background in Telecommunications and IT and previously worked with DiGi and Huawei among others. Currently he is a director of several companies in Malaysia including Beribu Jaya, a premier pool services provider and Empowered Data, a real time solutions provider. He is also currently chairman of his community residents association.

Dato' Dr Michael Wong is Honorary Secretary and has held that position since July 2017.

Ralph R. Dato’ Jeyaraj is Honorary Treasurer.

Committee Members

Andrew Goodwin

Robb Stevens

Ross McKinnon has worked and lived in Malaysia since 1997 and has been a Committee Member of MNZCC since 2012. He is a member of both CAANZ and MIA. He has a wide range of corporate & public sector experience, having worked in Audit, The Treasury, Oil & Gas, Merchant Banking & for several major Malaysian entities. Ross is currently a partner of Reese Capital, a private equity company. 

Aarron Nelson

Andrew Bayly has been a committee member for the MNZCC since July 2017. He as been working in Malaysia and Asia since 1993 and is the founder of 2 companies, Emec Technology, a consultancy specialising in the design, testing and certification of laboratories, and Emec Scientific, an engineering company designing and fabricating customised pathology and forensic equipment and laboratory ventilation systems. He is member of AIHA, ABSANZ, MBBA and MWWF

Kelvin Soo has been a member of MNZCC since 2010, and is currently a committee member since July 2017. He is also a committee member of the Perdana Fellowship Alumni Association. Kelvin has experience in digitisation, government, commercialisation, biotechnology, food technology and supply chain management. He is a director at Furley Bioextracts a biotechnology company specialising in extraction, research, functional foods and cosmetics. He has also been a mentor for CRADLE CGP and MAGIC SE.

Richard Tankersley, Immediate Past Chairman

Ex-Officio Members

Gareth Pidgeon, Deputy High Commissioner, New Zealand High Commission

Simon Hearsey, New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Malaysia & Brunei

Sabah Chapter Executive Committee


Chairman: Ir Aik Sin Heng

Vice Chairman: Joshua Ho

Advisor: Datuk Nancy Ho

Advisor: Datuk Pengiran Mohd Hussein B Datuk Pg Hj Tahir Nasruddin

Secretary: Patrick Chu

Treasurer: Wong Si Feng

Committee: Prof. Perumal Ramasamy, Dr Neil Hartstein, Eng Weng Hong, John Vung, Lewis Fong, Ron Griffin

AuditorJohn Ho

Immediate Past Chairman: Datuk Kamal Quadra

Sarawak Chapter Executive Committee

Chairman: Graeme Iain Brown

Vice Chairman: Rewi Hamid Bugo

Secretary: Stephen Hii Hium Ung

Treasurer: Hudson Chua

Committee Members: Chan Choon Ann, Eric Law, Kenneth Ting Shu Hao, Steven Lim Ah Ted, Victor Fong, Wilson Tan Swee Kwang