The objectives of the MNZCC are to:

  • To promote and foster bilateral trade, services and investment between Malaysia and New Zealand

  • Maintain and improve close trading, commercial and other business related links between Malaysia and New Zealand

  • Promote, foster, support, represent and protect the interests of the Members of the Chamber

  • Develop a network of individual and corporate contacts

  • Encourage dialogue on issues affecting New Zealand’s economic and commercial issues in Malaysia

  • Promote effective relationships between visitors to Malaysia with interests relevant to the Chamber

  • Provide a liaison with the New Zealand Malaysia Business Council in New Zealand

Activities of the MNZCC

  • Addresses and discussions with leading Malaysians and New Zealanders

  • Dissemination of information about promotions and other commercial activities of interest to Members

  • On-site insight programme. Visits to sites or offices of New Zealand-related operations in Malaysia

  • Links with related organizations both within Malaysia and abroad

  • Monthly Business Networking Evenings

  • Regular liaison with Members by letters, emails and faxes, on various matters of interest